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Interest Groups

HCSRN Interest Groups

Are you interested in joining one of our Interest Groups? If so, email to be added to a roster.

Aging Scientific Interest Group

The purpose of the HCSRN Aging IG is to provide a forum to promote aging research and connect researchers interested in related topics (e.g., healthier aging, lifestyle interventions, cognitive function, neurodegenerative disease, technologies, frailty/falls, use of prescriptions, and caregiving issues).

Institutional Review Board Work Group

The HCSRN IRB workgroup is a consortium of IRB, HRPP, and Research Compliance professionals that meet every other month. This work group meets to collaborate, share best practices, and works to streamline and improve the IRB review process for collaborative HCSRN research.

Patient Engagement in Research (PER) Scientific Interest Group

The aim of the PER IG is to help member research organizations build infrastructure for patient engagement in research, and to develop generalizable tools to enhance engagement efforts. Meets annually at the HCSRN conference and bimonthly via teleconference.

Pharmacy Scientific Interest Group

The intent of the HCSRN Pharmacy IG is to bring together HCSRN members and invited nonmembers to explore topics and collaborate on subjects related to pharmacy services and the continuum of the medication use process from discovery to disposal within healthcare delivery. This IG is open to HCSRN members and invited non-members. If you are not part of the HCSRN and have an interest in joining this group, please reach out to

Research Administrators Working Group

Research Project Management Team Interest Group

The Research Project Management Team (RPMT) IG brings together HCSRN members and nonmembers to explore effective and efficient project management strategies and other related topics for those who conduct research within health care systems, academic and other settings.

Mental Health Research Network Interest Groups

Visit Mental Health Research Network for more information.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The MHRN Child and Adolescent Mental Health IG aims to provide high quality information to clinicians and health system administrators about how to improve mental health outcomes for children and adolescents.

Mental Health Research Design and Analytic Methods

The MHRN Research Design and Analytic Methods IG provides a forum for investigators and analysts at MHRN research centers as well as external collaborators to share expertise, receive consultation, and identify questions for future methods development or methodologic research.

Mental Health - Suicide Prevention

The MHRN Suicide Prevention IG aims to foster research exploring utilization of health services prior to suicide attempt and suicide death; implementing standardized suicide risk assessment; low-intensity interventions for prevention of suicide attempt; use of self-report measures (e.g. PHQ9) to identify suicidal ideation; and provider- and system-level interventions to prevent suicidal behavior.

Mental/Physical Comorbidity

The MHRN Mental/Physical Comorbidity IG discusses potential papers, projects and proposals related to co-morbid medical conditions in people with mental illness, both locally and collaboratively across MHRN.


The MHRN Equity IG promotes collaboration and advances a research agenda in mental health equity among health systems.