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Managing & Closing Out Projects

*This page will be updated soon. 


Project Communications

Project Policies 

Complex Network projects often develop project-specific policies to guide their collaboration. The HCSRN has compiled policy ‘best practices’ from across several projects, and offer the following resources to assist new project developing such policies. 

These resources are offered to increase efficiency, avoid duplication of effort, encourage consistency, and facilitate transparency.

Policy Template

Publication and Authorship

New Project Proposals

Data Sharing

Project Closeout

  • Multi-center Closeout Guide – guide with checklists and spreadsheets that staff can use as templates for their closeout process. The materials are meant to be used as a starting point or reference with the understanding that each study will have its own challenges and nuances.

  • Closeout Guide Appendices – additional resources relating to data privacy and documentation are included in the guide’s Appendix.