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Collaboration within HCSRN

HCSRN researchers have extensive experience conducting collaborative projects both within the Network and with external collaborators. Typical collaborators include other Health Care Systems Research Network members, academic medical centers, Clinical and Translational Science Awardees, regional and disease-specific research networks and public health departments.

Thoughtful collaboration is essential to successfully partner with the Health Care Systems Research Network for several reasons:

  • As content experts in specific scientific areas, they can collaborate on the development of relevant research questions.
  • Based on their expertise with available data at their site, HCSRN investigators can inform study designs that are efficient and feasible, optimizing aspects of the study process such as data capture and participant recruitment.
  • Similarly, many HCSRN researchers have deep familiarity with data structures and analytic processes across other HCSRN sites, facilitating cross-site collaboration.
  • The scientific teams also have well-developed networks of collaborators who can contribute to methodological and operational aspects of working in the healthcare environment itself.
  • As studies are completed, the HCSRN-based researcher is well-positioned to ensure that relevant findings receive consideration in clinical practice