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Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN)

The HCSRN brings together 20 research centers from many of the nation’s best and most innovative health care systems. Collectively, HCSRN’s health care systems care for over 20 million patients and represent more than 2,000 scientists and research staff who collaborate on research spanning a range of topics such as aging, heart disease, and mental health. This applied research means that findings can be readily implemented in clinical practice. As such, we are the nation’s foremost source of health research based in “real-world” populations.

Additional Information

Formerly known as the HMO Research Network, the Network’s research centers, health care systems, and millions of patients are diverse. Data from our “living laboratories” is comprehensive and longitudinal. We have standardized this information into a “Common Data Model,” called the Virtual Data Warehouse, which enables us to collaborate efficiently on innovative multisite research, while our patients’ data stays safe at each site. Our world-class research scientists ask—and answer—critical questions about health and care. Our goal is to be the research consortium of choice for stakeholders seeking to measure and transform the quality and efficiency of health care locally, nationally and internationally. To learn more about our work or collaborate with us, please visit