The HCSRN is committed to sharing lessons learned, streamlining and standardizing administrative processes, and facilitating research at all HCSRN sites. 

From 2005-2008, the HCSRN participated in the "Reengineering Clinical Research Enterprise" initiative as part of the NIH Roadmap.  Through this NIH Contract, we created the Coordinated Clinical Studies Networka suite of resources to bolster our infrastructure. Under the NIH Contract members of the HCSRN co-created tools related to every phase of the research process, from grant writing through dissemination.

Utilizing resources that make project administration easier enables researchers to focus on the executing the science.  Whether its our common data model, our patient engagement resources, or streamlined approach to research oversight, the HCSRN is committed to created an efficient collaboration apparatus. 

Other sites with beneficial research resources include the NIH Collaboratory's Living Textbook, and Research Toolkit, a compendium of tools to support all phases of research, developed through a partnership between the HCSRN and Clinical & Translational Science Awards.


Questions about these resources?  Contact us.