MHRN leaders meet with NIMH to discuss NIMH research priorities.


Focus is on high impact research that moves the needle, sense of productive urgency.  MHRN well positioned with established infrastructure resources, access to patient populations in embedded health systems with electronic health records, and scientific expertise.


Numerous ongoing activities in the network have the potential to impact high priority areas for NIMH in mental health research:

  • Suicide Research
    • Suicide Prevention Outreach Trial (SPOT), PI Gregory Simon, MD, MPH
    • Treatment Utilization Before Suicide (TUBS), PI Brian Ahmedani, PhD
  • First Episode Psychosis
    • Precursors of First Episode Psychosis, PI Gregory Simon, MD, MPH
  • Improve Health & Reduce Mortality in SMI
    • Reducing CV Risk in Adults with SMI using EMR-based Clinical Decision Support, PI Rebecca Rossom, MD
  • Personalized Depression Treatment
    • Ongoing studies on Practice Variation & Suicide created longitudinal dataset (with ~500,000 episodes linked with outcomes) with potential as a valuable resource for personalized treatment research
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Maximizing Biospecimen Collection from Children with Mental Health Conditions, PI Lisa Croen, PhD
  • Harnassing advanced health technologies to improve mental health
    • Next-generation clinical assessment using mobile devices, PIs Gregory Clarke, PhD & Patricia Arean, PhD

Data sharing also discussed.  MHRN  to explore making analytic datasets available to others, with appropriate privacy protections.




MHRN priorities, in line with NIMH priorities, will continue to emphasize engagement with external researchers and health system leaders.


 If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Greg Simon, MHRN Prinicipal Investigator.