Thank you for your interest in the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN). Your brief description of the research concept or project will help us to identify (1) potential overlap with ongoing MHRN research, (2) conformance with MHRN data sharing guidelines and collaborative expectations, and (3) MHRN investigators who may be interested in partnering on the research project.

MHRN research and partnerships should offer clear public benefit, genuine collaboration, align with NIMH priorities,and uphold our parent organization's (the Health Care Systems Research Network’s or HCSRN's) shared values of scientific excellence, collaboration and teamwork, innovation and creativity, transparency, efficiency, and actionable research findings.

Submitting this form does not guarantee your project will be deemed appropriate for internal dissemination following initial review, that MHRN investigators will be available or interested in partnering with you, or that data will be shared. We may follow up with you in the future about your experience and satisfaction with this collaborative inquiry process.

We encourage you to explore our website  to learn more about our Network. We hold annual Steering Committee meetings at NIMH in the Fall, as well as at the HCSRN's Annual Conference. These meetings are open and we encourage external researchers to attend.  The conference is also a terrific way to learn more about MHRN and the HCSRN and build relationships with MHRN researchers.

The Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) accepts data from Eligible Professionals (EPs), Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in fulfillment of the Meaningful Use Incentive Programs Modified Stage 2: Objective 10: Public Health Reporting, Measure 3: Specialized Registry Reporting.  Active MHRN specialized registries include:

-        Risk of suicide following outpatient mental health visit
-        Adherence to acute-phase depression treatment

Consistent with all applicable data sharing agreements and in accordance with applicable law, MHRN accepts data from participating institutions and aims to use these data to improve quality and effectiveness of mental health care.  MHRN can receive data securely via a dedicated secure FTP site.  Formats for specific registries and specifications for deriving registry datasets from the HCSRN Common Data Model are available in our public repository ( ).  To learn more, please complete the collaboration inquiry form below.