Stephen Soumerai, ScD

MHRN Site Principal Investigator


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute 

133 Brookline Avenue, Floor 6

Boston, MA  02215


  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Executive Director:  Richard Platt, MD, MSc
  • Year established: 1993
  • Active studies: 98 in 2012
  • Peer-reviewed publications: 123 in 2012
  • Website:


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

  • Headquarters: Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Year established: 1969
  • CEO: Eric H. Schultz, MBA
  • CMO: Michael Sherman, MD, MBA, MS
  • Patients/members served: 1,233,723
  • Areas served: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire
  • Website:

The mission of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute is to improve health care delivery and population health through innovative research and teaching. To learn more, visit



Special Research Facilities

  • Research Support Data Center

Top 3 Funding Agencies

  • Food and Drug Administration
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality